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COVID-19 | Tests for Travel


The COVID-19 Pandemic remains and the World continues adapting to a "new normal". Returning to travel is an essential part of this process, but it raises some questions. 

In order to meet your travel needs, Unilabs has been developing solutions so that you can carry out the testing under existing local agreements, with the necessary proximity, safety and brevity. 

We support you with COVID-19 Testing to make your leisure or work trip is as smooth as possible, limiting risks and keeping you safe. 

We are all aware that the real "normal" is still far away, but we can help you reduce the impact of COVID-19 on your life.

Unilabs is present in 16 countries and 3 continents, find out more about our different locations available for international testing outside Portugal here: COVID-19 Collection Units | Unilabs 



The COVID-19 PCR Detection Test is the official test required to be able to travel in most countries, as well as to obtain visas, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). 

It is intended for all travelers who need to identify whether they are carriers of the coronavirus (sick of asymptomatic) and requires prior appointment. 



Unilabs offers several COVID-19 programs aimed for companies, in order to guarantee the tranquility and security of all employees who need to travel. 

We enter into corporate agreements with companies that require COVID-19 diagnostic tests for their employees, whether detection or antibody tests. In these cases, to obtain a proposal, you can contact us via email: 

Volante / Drive

Drive Thru

call center

You can make the previous appointment of the COVID-19 Detection Test by contacting the Drive Thru Line 00351 220 125 001, or through the email 

Cartao identificacao

During the appointment you will have to inform your citizen card number or passport and the registration number of the vehicle in which you are going to perform the test. 

Volante / Drive

On the day and at the schedule time, go to the planned location, using the vehicle with the registration number informed when making the appointment. 


The collection centers have a marked entrance and exit

Drive thrus

There is a defined line where the cars are waiting for the turn, in sequential order. 


Then, without getting out of the car, ensuring maximum security, users make a call to the team that is on site and who fills out the user's file via mobile phone. The contact number will be made available on the spot. 


For Private customers with Travel paid for the Destination Place*, without a prescription the test is free. 


1) In order to take advantage of the Protocol, the user must take the proof of booking and payment of travel, or in its place, the air ticket already issued, to be delivered on the day of the test. 


Finally, there is a quick harvest with nasopharyngeal swab (nose). 


The test results are sent to the customer within 24 hours by one of the following means: 

- E-mail: always check your spam/junk inbox.

- SMS with direct link.

The results are issued in 3 languages, in addition to Portuguese: 
- English
- German
- French



call center

You can contact the Marking Line 00351 220 125 001 or through the email

Cartao identificacao

During the appointment you will have to inform your name and citizen card number or passport . 


On the day and at the scheduled time, go to the planned Unit. Our Units have specific circuits and schedules, outside the normal period of routine harvests, to carry out these tests. 


For Private customers with Travel paid for the Destination Place*, without a prescription the test is free. 


1) In order to take advantage of the Protocol, the user must take the proof of booking and payment of travel, or in its place, the air ticket already issued, to be delivered on the day of the test. 


Finally, there is a quick harvest with nasopharyngeal swab (nose). 


The test results are sent to the customer within 24 hours by one of the following means:
- Email: always check your spam/junk inbox
- SMS with direct link

The results are issued in 3 languages, in addition to Portuguese: 
- English
- German
- French

Volante / Drive

Drive Thru

Distrito Unidade Morada
Viana do Castelo Drive Thru Caminha Avenida Dr. Dantas Carneiro | 4910-103
Braga Drive Thru Braga Altice Forum Braga
Rua Monsenhor Airosa | 4715-558 Braga
Braga Drive Thru Esposende Rua do Mouchinho | 4740-209 Esposende
Braga Drive Thru Guimarães Multiusos de Guimarães
Alameda Cidade de Lisboa 481 | 4835-077 Guimarães
Braga Drive Thru Vizela Alameda Ribeirinha 5 de Agosto de 1982 | 4815-013 Vizela
Braga Drive Thru Famalicão Alameda Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro - Famalicão | 4760-010 Vila Nova de Famalicão
Vila Real Drive Thru Vila Real Regia-Douro Parque Ardães - Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia | 5000-033 Vila Real
Porto Drive Thru Porto Queimódromo do Porto
Estrada da Circunvalação Entrada
| 4100-078 Porto
Porto Drive Thru Matosinhos Rua de Sendim 256 | Parque Manhufe | 4450-271 Matosinhos
Porto Walk Thru Rio Ave R. Dom Sancho I
Estádio do Rio Ave | 4480-876 Vila do Conde
Porto Drive Thru CHTS Penafiel Avenida do Hospital Padre Américo 210
| 4564-007 Penafiel
Porto Drive Thru Freamunde (Estádio Sport Clube Freamunde) Estádio Sport Clube Freamunde |
Rua Sport Clube Freamunde | 4590-397 Freamunde
Porto Drive Thru Lousada Complexo Desportivo de Lousada | 4620-141 Lousada
Porto Drive Thru Gondomar Multiusos de Gondomar, Av. Multiusos | 4420-230 S. Cosme
Porto Walk Thru Vila Nova de Gaia | Jardim do Morro Jardim do Morro - Av. da República | 4430-148 Vila Nova de Gaia
Porto Drive Thru Gaia Espaço Mais Grijó | 4415-470 Grijó
Aveiro Drive Thru Espinho Parque de Estacionamento da Nave Desportiva de Espinho | 4500-054 Espinho
Aveiro Drive Thru Albergaria Rua Marquês de Pombal, Edifício Solmar II, 5, Rés do Chão Esqº

| 3850-017
Aveiro Drive Thru Santa Maria da Feira Quartel dos Bombeiros Voluntários de Santa Maria da Feira |
Rua Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco 20 | 4520-232 Santa Maria da Feira
Viseu Drive Thru Mangualde Av. Nossa Sra. do Castelo | 3530-117 Mangualde
Leiria Drive Thru Leiria Rua Dom José Alves Correia da Silva, 66 | 2410-113 Leiria
Santarém Drive Thru Santarém Casal do Confeiteiro, Calçadinha, EN3 Rua O, UFCS, | 2000-005 Santarém
Lisboa Walk Thru Cais do Sodré Cais do Sodré 2427 | 1200-161 Lisboa
Lisboa Walk Thru Martim Moniz Praça Martim Moniz | 1100-341 Lisboa
Lisboa Walk Thru Restauradores Praça dos Restauradores | 1250-096 Lisboa
Lisboa Walk Thru Campo Pequeno Avenida da República, 56 | 1050-196 Lisboa
Lisboa Drive Thru Odivelas Parque Urbano do Silvado
R. Humberto Ataíde
| 2675-431 Odivelas
Lisboa Drive Thru Estoril R. Dom Bosco 531

Parque de estacionamento do estádio do Estoril/campo de treinos | 2765-130 Estoril
Lisboa Drive Thru Lisboa Rua Vitorino Magalhães Godinho |
Circo Victor Hugo Cardinali | 1990-530 Sacavém
Lisboa Walk Thru Alameda Junto da Fonte Luminosa na Alameda D. Afonso Henriques | 1900-221 Lisboa
Lisboa Drive Thru Loures Passeio do Parque da Cidade
Parque Adão Barata | 2670-457 Loures
Lisboa Drive Thru Sintra Avenida Dr. Miguel Freire da Cruz – Parque de Estacionamento | 2735-521 Cacém
Setúbal Drive Thru Sines Quinta dos Passarinhos nº136 | 7520-164 Sines
Setúbal Drive Thru Barreiro Rua do Parque Desportivo da Quimigal | 2835-328 Lavradio
Setúbal Drive Thru Almada Avenida da Aliança Povo M.F.A 855 | 2800-253 Almada
Setúbal Drive Thru Seixal Parque de Estacionamento do Complexo Desportivo Carla Sacramento
Junto aos Bombeiros da Amora | 2845-547 Amora
Beja Drive Thru Odemira EN 123, Km1 | 7630-909 Odemira
Beja Drive Thru Beja Parque de Estacionamento Instituto Politécnico de Beja |

Rua 1º de Maio | 7800-309 Beja
Faro Walk Thru Praia da Oura Rua Oliveira Martins 10,
Car parking Oura | 8200-261 Albufeira
Faro Drive Thru Vale do Lobo Urbanização Vale do Lobo, 8135-106 Almancil | 8135-906 Almancil
Faro Drive Thru Albufeira | Estádio Municipal Rua do Estádio, Albufeira | 8200-047 Albufeira
Faro Walk Thru Marina de Vilamoura Marina de Vilamoura, 7 | 8125-507 Quarteira
Faro Walk Thru Alvor Zona Ribeirinha Marginal de Alvor, 8500-021 | 8500-021 Portimão
Faro Walk Thru Portimão Zona Ribeirinha Largo Francisco António Maurício 8500-535 Portimão | 8500-535 Portimão


Distrito Unidade Morada
Viana do Castelo Unilabs Paredes de Coura Rua Conselheiro Miguel Dantas, | 4940-529 Paredes de Coura
Viana do Castelo Unilabs Monção Largo da Estação , Edificio Baluarte 1 | 4950-457 Monção
Viana do Castelo Unilabs Melgaço Rua Rio do Porto, 39 | 4960-568 Melgaço
Viana do Castelo Unilabs Valença Rua Val Flores, Bloco B | 4930-747 Valença
Viana do Castelo Unilabs Viana do Castelo | Jardim Avenida Luís de Camões, n.º 45 | 4900-473 Viana do Castelo
Braga Unilabs Braga | Avenida da Liberdade 370 Avenida da Liberdade 370 | 4710-912 Braga
Braga Unilabs Gualtar Rua da Lameira, 125 Fracção B | 4710-093 Braga
Braga Unilabs Delães Avenida Albino Marques, 4, R/C, Bloco A | 4765-096 Delães
Braga Barcellab - Tebosa Rua da Igreja 246, loja 4 | 4705- 630 Tebosa
Braga Unilabs Barcelos | Praceta António Fogaça Praça António Fogaça, Bloco 7 Fracção 8 | 4750-260 Barcelos
Braga Unilabs Barcelos | Cândido Cunha Rua Cândido Cunha, 278 | 4750-276 Barcelos
Braga Unilabs Azurém Rua Nossa Senhora da Conceição, 23 | 4800-163 Azurém
Braga Unilabs Apúlia Avenida da Praia, 15 | 4740-033 Apúlia
Braga Hospital da Misericórdia | Cabeceiras de Basto Rua Antunes Basto, 558 | 4860-363 Cabeceiras de Basto
Braga Unilabs Viatodos Rua da Isabelinha 15 | 4775-267 Viatodos
Braga Barcellab - Nine Rua de Santo António, Bloco 2 Loja 4 | 4775-456 Nine
Braga Unilabs Braga | Maximinos Rua do Caires, 118 r/c | 4700-206 Braga
Braga Unilabs Fafe Avenida Brasil, 162 | 4820-196 Fafe
Braga Barcellab - Arcozelo Rua Elias Garcia, 149 Fracção-AD | 4750-144 Barcelos
Braga Barcellab - Clínica Quinta da Capela Praça Dr. Francisco Araújo Malheiro, 32 r/ch esq | 4715-016 Braga
Braga Unilabs Celorico Avenida João Pinto Ribeiro nº 355
Britelo | 4890-221 Celorico Basto
Vila Real Unilabs Corgo Avenida 1º de Maio, nº 20

Perto do Hotel Mira Corgo,
Em frente à USF Nuno Grande; | 5000-047 Vila Real
Vila Real Unilabs Vila Pouca de Aguiar Rua D. Agostinho Jesus Sousa | 5450-023 Vila Pouca de Aguiar
Vila Real Unilabs Valpaços Avenida Francisco Sá Carneiro, 32 | 5430-423 Valpaços
Vila Real Unilabs Chaves | Madalena Rua Cândido Sotto Mayor, 51, R/C | 5400-165 Chaves
Bragança Unilabs Vila Flor Vila Flor, Praça D. Dinis, n.º 61 | 5360-334 Vila Flor
Bragança Unilabs Torre de Moncorvo Rua Abade Tavares, 4, R/C | 5160-247 Torre de Moncorvo
Bragança Unilabs Freixo de Espada à Cinta Av.ª Guerra Junqueiro, r/c | 5180-104 Freixo de Espada à Cinta
Bragança Unilabs Alfândega da Fé Rua Camilo de Mendonça, 53, r/c drt | 5350-045 Alfândega da Fé
Bragança Unilabs Bragança Rua Calouste Gulbenkien, 5, R/C | 5300-020 Bragança
Porto Unilabs Rasa Rua da Rasa, 274 | 4400-268 Vila Nova de Gaia
Porto Unilabs Santo Tirso - Sousa Trêpa Rua Sousa Trepa, 14
| 4780-554 Santo Tirso
Porto Unibox Lionesa Centro empresarial Lionesa, Rua da Lionesa | 4465-671 Leça do Balio
Porto Unilabs Trofa | Conde S Bento Rua Conde de São Bento, 63 | 4785-296 Trofa
Porto Unilabs Valadares Rua Manuel Moreira Costa Junior, 773 | 4405-571 Vila Nova de Gaia
Porto Unilabs Valongo | 5 de Outubro Avenida 5 de Outubro, 445 | 4440-503 Valongo
Porto Unilabs Paredes | Lordelo Avenida Adelino Amaro da Costa, 242 | 4580-550 Lordelo
Porto Unilabs Trindade Estação da Trindade | 4000-057 Porto
Porto Radelfe | Paços de Ferreira Praça 20 de maio, nº 22, Paços de Ferreira | 4590-182 Paços de Ferreira
Porto Unilabs Bolama Rua do Bolama, 233 | 4200-139 Porto
Porto Unilabs Caxinas Avenida Infante D. Henrique, 904 | 4480-670 Vila do Conde
Porto Unilabs Porto | Constituição 2089 Rua da Constituição, 2089 | 4250-170 Porto
Porto Unilabs Castelo da Maia Via Engenheiro Belmiro Mendes de Azevedo, 47, 1º, Sala 1 | 4475-143 Castelo da Maia
Porto Unilabs Canidelo Rua Tenente Valadim, 908 | 4400-324 Vila Nova de Gaia
Porto Unilabs Ermesinde | António Castro Meireles Rua D. António Castro Meireles, 52 | 4445-397 Ermesinde
Porto Unilabs Porto | Campo Alegre Rua do Campo Alegre, 231, 1º piso
| 4150-178 Porto
Porto Unilabs Gondomar Rua Monte Crasto, 48 R/C Loja 31 | 4420-210 São Cosme
Porto Unilabs Campanhã Rua do Heroísmo, 79 | 4300-258 Porto
Porto Unilabs Leça da Palmeira Avenida Combatentes da Grande Guerra, 655 | 4450-642 Leça da Palmeira
Porto Unilabs Lordelo do Ouro Rua Diogo Botelho, 11 | 4150-262 Porto
Porto Unilabs Amarante | 1º de Maio Avenida 1º de Maio, Edifício Carvalhido R/C | 4600-013 Amarante
Porto Unilabs Maia | Padre António Rua Padre António, 99 | 4470-136 Maia
Porto Unilabs Águas Santas Rua do Meilão, 480 R/C | 4425-127 Maia
Porto Unilabs Porto | Constituição 825 Rua da Constituição, 825 | 4200-201 Porto
Porto Unilabs Paredes | Largo da Feira Largo da Feira 40 | 4580-094 Paredes
Aveiro Unilabs Ovar Rua Ferreira de Castro, 26 D | 3880-218 Ovar
Aveiro Unilabs Arouca Rua Doutor Ângelo Miranda 4540 Arouca | 4540-100 Arouca
Aveiro Unilabs Aveiro | Orlando Oliveira Rua Dr. Orlando Oliveira 40/42 | 3800-004 Aveiro
Aveiro Unilabs Vale de Cambra Avenida Camilo Tavares Matos 352 1E | 3730-240 Vale de Cambra
Viseu Unilabs Viseu - Rua Direita Rua Direita, 27 R/C | 3500-115 Viseu
Viseu Unilabs Resende Avenida Rebelo Moniz, 45 | 4660-212 Resende
Viseu Unilabs Lamego Rua de Almacave, 178 R/C | 5100-109 Lamego
Viseu Unilabs Viseu | Palácio do Gelo Shopping Palácio do Gelo | Rua do Palácio do Gelo Loja 213, Piso -2 | 3504-526 Viseu
Guarda Unilabs Foz Côa Rua José Augusto Saraiva de Aguiar, 5 | 5150-616 Vila Nova Foz Coa
Coimbra Unilabs Cantanhede Largo D. João Crisóstomo Amorim Pessoa, 28 | 3060-130 Cantanhede
Coimbra Unilabs Celas Alameda Calouste Gulbenkian, 9, 2º Andar Sala 26 | 3000-092 Coimbra
Coimbra Unilabs Tocha Avenida Doutor João Garcia Bacelar, 9015 B, Loja D, R/C | 3060-704 Tocha
Coimbra Unilabs Coimbra | Quinta da Várzea Rua António Gonçalves, 51 lote 16 e 17 | 3040-375 Coimbra
Coimbra Unilabs Lousã Rua Francisco Fernandes Costa – URB S. Pedro, Lt.3,   R/C Direito | 3200-265 Lousã
Coimbra Unilabs Poiares | Lg. Daniel de Matos Largo Daniel de Matos, R/C Esquerdo | 3350-153 Vila Nova de Poiares
Coimbra Unilabs Soure Rua Doutor Tomás Oliveira Silva 1, Soure | 3130-253 Soure
Leiria Unilabs Bombarral Avenida Inocência Cairel Simão, 24 F | 2540-003 Bombarral
Lisboa Unilabs Lourinhã Rua Francisco da Rocha, 47 1º | 2530-110 Lourinhã
Lisboa Unilabs Santo Amaro Rua Jau, 18 A | 1300-358 Alcântara
Lisboa Unilabs Mem Martins Estrada Mem Martins 239-A | 2725-390 Algueirão-Mem-Martins
Lisboa Unilabs Cacém Agualva Rua Gonçalo Domingos da Silva, 21 B | 2735-112 Agualva-Cacém
Lisboa Clínica Dr. Avelar Rua Dr. José Baptista de Sousa, Nº 35A, Benfica | 1500-224 Lisboa
Setúbal Unilabs Seixal | Clidiral Amora Rua das Flores, 8, A e D | 2645-367 Amora - Seixal
Faro HPA São Brás Alportel Rua Machado dos Santos | 8150-158 São Brás de Alportel
Faro HPA Portimão | S. Camilo Avenida S. João de Deus, Parque de Saúde da Misericórdia de Portimão | 8500-508 Portimão
Faro MediLagos Rua José Ferreira Canelas, Loja 40 | 8600-302 Lagos
Faro HPA Vila Real de Santo António Complexo Desportivo de Vila Real de Santo António | 8900-000 Vila Real Santo António

For Testing in Portugal, booking in advance is required.

To book under special conditions agreed with airline companies please contact us directly.

COVID-19 Call Center Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Sundays and holidays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Telephone: 00351 220 125 001



How to book?

You  can contact the Prior Marking Line through the number 00351 220 125 001.

Is this test reimbursed?

For Private customers with Travel paid for the Destination Place *, without a prescription the test is free.


1) In order to take advantage of the Protocol, the user must take the proof of booking and payment of travel, or in its place, the air ticket already issued, to be delivered on the day of the test. At this time, the only protocol established was with the Regional Government of the Azores to carry out Testing for the SARS-COV-2 Virus using the PCR methodology in Portuguese Continental Territory.

How long does the test take?

The test is quick (5 minutes).

The waiting time to perform the test may vary.

How are the results sent and what is the deadline for delivering the results?

The test results are sent to the customer within 24 hours by one of the following means:
- E-mail: Always check your Spam / Junk E-mail.
- SMS with direct link

What is the significance of a positive test result for COVID-19?

A positive test for COVID-19 means disease or a carrier of the virus.

What sould I do if the result is positive?

You should contact your attending physician, isolate yourself and avoid contacting those around you, to prevent the spread of the disease.

If you are responsible for caring for someone, check with your Health Authority.

Can I have a positive result even if I have no symptoms?

Once positive, this result can be maintained for several weeks, regardless of symptoms.

When should I repeat the test to find out if I am already cured?

The absence of symptoms for 5-6 days, after a period of isolation, has been suggested as a criterion for repetition of the test. At that time, two tests should be carried out with an interval of 24-48h, both negative, to evaluate the cure.

After I am cured, I get infected again?

It is generally accepted by the medical community that, once cured, there is immunity and resistance to possible reinfection.

Why is the result inconclusive?

The existence of an interpretation result of the “Inconclusive” type is clarified in the text of the response sent. This obeys the international norms that exist until the present date. It is recalled in this regard that the scientific scope in question is profoundly recent and is subject to constant and unforeseen changes.

These responses are for medical interpretation only, and should be reviewed if desired with the prescribing physician. The prescribing physician should be able to frame the clinical picture, which we do not know, with the result obtained in accordance with the most recently published international regulations. In case of doubt, you can clarify the appropriate clinical, sanitary and epidemiological measure (s) with the competent health authority.

There are several clinical situations that may be involved, such as: (1) the presence of other viruses of no importance for the present, (2) a non-specific reaction or (3) the presence of Cov2019 virus at low load. This last circumstance will be present in the results produced from 03/30/2020 and will be identified with the designation PRESUMEDLY DETECTED.

In case of persistent doubts, the attending physician may contact the medical line of the laboratory group in question, for further clarification.

We only make 1 swab, is it enough? 

DGS maintains the non-binding guidance of two samples being taken for each test: oropharynx and nasopharynx. Given the limited availability of approved material for virology harvests, ONE SWATCH has been found to be sufficient for testing. A swab obtained from a single nostril is sufficient. This is the regulation in force in the CDC and eCDC.

The UNILABS group takes only one swab, and the nasopharynx variant should be chosen.



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