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COVID-19 | Serology Test

Teste Anticorpos
Test your blood antibodies
A possible response to the infection

A COVID-19 serology test detects human SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. This test determines whether a person has ever been infected with COVID-19, and therefore whether they may have a degree of potential immunity.

Serology testing is a great way to determine which members of a population (such as a workforce) have previously had COVID-19 infection, and therefore might have some immunity to reinfection.

All serology results must be reviewed and interpreted by a doctor. 

Analises Clinicas

The procedure for this test is a quick and simple blood collection (fasting isn’t required), similar to blood tests carried out in one of our Unilabs Centres. 
The serology test doesn’t require previous booking and it is not carried out at home. 


The test results will be sent to the client from 48 to 72 hours by one of the following means: 
- E-mail (please verify your spam)
- SMS with direct link 

Who is it for
  • It allows to assess individually who may have been infected with the virus even without knowing it. 
  • For those who want to know their possible immunity to the virus
  • It allows to evaluate, in the general population, the degree of exposure to the virus and know the possible degree of immunity.
  • This test is not intended to assess acute illness, nor to determine the danger of infectivity.  
Antibody IgA 20€
Antibody IgG 20€ 


Where it takes place

The serology test can be taken in one of our Unilabs Centres that have the Clinical Analysis service.  The timetable to be considered for this test is the same as the blood collection times. 

Check the available locations here


Who Should Get a COVID-19 Serology Test?

It allows to assess individually who may have been infected with the virus even without knowing it and who wants to know their possible immunity to the virus.

Which antibodies are searched in this test and what’s the meaning of the result?

  • The IgG and IgA antibodies are directed to the S1 protein, specific for SARS-CoV2;
  • The IgM antibodies are directed to the "N" protein of the virus (less specific than the S1) and generally follow the appearance of IgG and IgA antibodies to SARS-CoV2;
  • Cross-reactivity with SARS1 group viruses may occur;

What is the utility of this test? 

They are suitable for large-scale screening, to identify people who may have had contact with the virus and developed immunity, even in the absence of any sign of illness.

  PCR- virus search  Antibodies IgA Antibodies IgG

Suspected of acute infection with or without symptoms, up to 2 weeks



Monitoring of recent infection after 2 weeks 

Detection of past infections




How to proceed if additional information is needed? 

You should contact our COVID-19 Helpline 00351 220 125 001



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